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Tips for Pet Owners about Hurricane Season

  1. Subscribe to alerts in your area to keep updated on events as they occur.       
  2. Securely fasten a current identification tag to your pet’s collar. It is a good idea to include a phone number of a friend or family member so someone who finds your pet will be able to reach someone who knows you.
  3. Microchipping your pet is the safest way to ensure your pet is returned to you safe if lost or stolen.
  4. Carry a photo of you and your pet for identification purposes.
  5. Transport pets in secure pet carriers. Keep pets on leashes or harnesses.
  6. If you and your pets cannot stay together, call friends, family members, veterinarians or boarding kennels in a safe area to arrange foster care.
  7. Prepare an emergency kit for your pet, filled with at least a three-day supply of food, water medical records, owner’s documentation, cat litter, garbage bags, can opener, toys, blankets, hand sanitizers and medication.
  8. Keep a list of emergency phone numbers (veterinarian, local animal control, animal shelters, Red Cross, etc.).
  9. Bring pets inside before the storm starts and keep them calm and reassured.
  10. After the storm, always keep your pet on a leash until you assess the situation. Familiar landmarks and scents may have been washed away. Check for fallen debris that may have blown into your yard or downed power lines.
                  A Registered Charity

Did you know The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia is a Registered Charity? (839424629 RR001) Donations are always welcome!! When you donate, you help us carry out our mission to provide shelter and supplies for those pets that have been affected by disasters. If you cannot give a donation, why not consider donating your time. You can donate by using the DONATE button above or send a cheque, gift cards or money order to The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia, 14 Court Street, PO Box 151, Truro, Nova Scotia. B2N 3H7. To become a member, please e-mail or check out the Want to Help section of our website. When applying for membership for a registered charity, you may require a letter from DARTNS indicating we are a registered charity. Please contact for more information.

Fund Development Director

The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia (DARTNS) is currently seeking a passionate and ambitious volunteer for the position of Fund Development Director.

Do you love animals? Are you eager to contribute to your local community? 

Are you looking for interesting work that will enhance your resume?

                                                                                                                   Then we would love to welcome you into our organization! 

                                                          View Job Description Here

               Support our "Comfurt Kit" Program

When disaster strikes, and families are evacuated, some are forced to leave with only the clothes on their back. Just like our partners, the Canadian Red Cross, who supply Comfort Kits items, we supply "Comfurt Kits" that contain everything your will need for your cat or dog. At this time we have Large Dog, Small Dog and Cat " Comfurt Kits"

We also have a "Comfurt Kit Sponsorship program. For more details, please contact

For Media inquiries, please contact:

Catherine Stevens

Communications Director, DARTNS

Tel: 902-233-4089


Twitter: @DARTNSComms


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