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                  A Registered Charity

Did you know The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia is a Registered Charity? (839424629 RR001) Donations are always welcome!! When you donate, you help us carry out our mission to provide shelter and supplies for those pets that have been affected by disasters. If you cannot give a donation, why not consider donating your time. You can donate by using the DONATE button above or send a cheque, gift cards or money order to The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia, 14 Court Street, PO Box 151, Truro, Nova Scotia. B2N 3H7. To become a member, please e-mail or check out the membership links below. 


Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time for celebrating those we love, and of course, that includes our pets. We can shower them with extra love and toys and treats. Remember, your veterinarian is the best source for advice when it comes to your pet’s well-being.


Here are some pet friendly tips to ensure you all have a safe Valentine’s day:


Never give a pet as a gift. Animals are not disposable and are a huge emotional and financial responsibility.    

Never force your pet to wear a costume. Doing so may cause injury. Be mindful of costumes with tiny buttons, gadgets, ribbons or anything that your pet can swallow.

Gift packages, cellophane, ribbons and balloons can also be harmful if swallowed by your pet. Keep items like this out of reach of your pet.

Never leave candles unattended as a scared animal or a wagging tail could knock them over and start a fire. Perhaps you may want to purchase flameless candles for that special night.


Pets and Treats:

Chocolate melts in your mouth, but should never go in theirs. It can cause many issues  such as heart and digestion problems and in some case, even death . Explain to everyone how dangerous treats are to pets.


Also, watch out for candy wrappers or plastic sucker sticks as they can be a choking hazard to your animal.



Flowers and plants ingested by your pet can cause vomiting or stomach upset. Lilies are extremely dangerous to pets so please be careful.  

We hope you enjoy the video below as it has some Cold Weather Tips for your Pets !!

               Support our "Comfurt Kit" Program

When disaster strikes, and families are evacuated, some are forced to leave with only the clothes on their back. Just like our partners, the Canadian Red Cross, who supply Comfort Kits items, we supply "Comfurt Kits" that contain everything your will need for your cat or dog. At this time we have Large Dog, Small Dog and Cat " Comfurt Kits"

We also have a "Comfurt Kit Sponsorship program. For more details, please contact Close


Effective immediately there will be no  fees for becoming a member of DARTNS. We have decided to set our membership renewal date for April 1st every year. Responding Members are still required to furnish a Criminal Record Check every five years. Members are also required to send in a signed copy of our Code of Conduct. The Membership Form and the Code of Conduct can both be signed electronically and emailed directly to our Membership Director at

Here is a YouTube video on how to set up your electronic signature if you don't already know how to create one.

Membership Form:

Code of Conduct:

HRM Criminal Record Check:

When applying for a Criminal Background Check, you may require a letter from DARTNS indicating that we are a Registered Charity.  Please contact if this is the case and we will send you a letter to take to the local Police or RCMP station. The HRM form can be used anywhere within HRM. To the best of our knowledge there is no charge for Criminal Background Check out side of HRM. Please let us know if for some reason this is not factual so that we can seek to create an agreement with that locale, as well be able to let other potential members know.


Show your support for The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia by proudly displaying one of our Paw Magnets.                    

Only $ 6.00 each, they can be purchased from our online store or look for them whenever we are out and about in the community.

Thank you to everyone who supports DARTNS and our efforts in your community to help raise awareness about emergency preparedness for you and your pet.

Life Meters for Pets
Raising awareness about the dangers of leaving pets in hot vehicles

If you are a Canadian non-profit animal welfare agency, shelter or rescue, please contact us about our Life Meter for Pets fundraising opportunities.

We can all benefit.

Raise public awareness and help companion animals at the same time. 

Contact us or order from our Web Store today!

For Media inquiries, please contact:

Catherine Stevens

Communications Director, DARTNS

Tel: 902-233-4089


Twitter: @DARTNSComms


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