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  The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia  

Recycle To Help Our Haunted House

Craft Supplies
 Other items
 Paint (Regular)
 Cheese Cloth
 Flickering Light Bulbs
 Paint Brushes/Rollers/Trays
 White Mini lights
 Paint (Glow in the Dark)
 Halloween Props
 Electrical Tape
 Faux Fur
 Masking Tape/Duct Tape 
 Plastic Skeletons/Bones
 Spray Paint (White/Brown)
 Faux stones
 Fake Spiders/Rats   
 Spray Paint (Black/Silver) 
 Costume Jewellry
 Black Trash Bags
 Hot Glue Guns/Glue Sticks
 Old Black suit
 Rubber Gloves
  Old Bridal Gown
 Wire Hangers
 Food Coloring
 Rubber Boots
  Extension Cords
 Spray Foam
 Ripped sheets
  Chains - any size
 Black Sharpie Markers
  Old Storage Trunks
 Cardboard/Plastic organizers
  Wooden Barrels
  Paper Towel
 Clear Fishing Line
  Nitrile Gloves
 Clear poly rolls
  Dark Wood Stain
  Clean empty jars