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  The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia  

Noggins Corner Farm Haunted House
in support of
The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia

DARTNS is very excited to be partnering with Noggins Corner Farm in Greenwich for this spooky, fun, family event. Located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, our Haunted House is sure to bring chills and screams to all those who dare to enter. A portion of the proceeds are donated to The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia as we continue to help you, your family and pets during times of disaster.

Noggins Corner Farm Haunted House 2022 - Haunted Hill Hospital - The Reunion


When we last visited Haunted Hill Hospital, Amelia was very close to finding her daughter Sophia who had gone missing at the hospital 5 years ago. Not even Dr. Noggin or Dr. Decay could stop her from finding her daughter.

With the help of some new friends that she has made at hospital she was able to rescue Sophia and they were at long last reunited.

Dr. Decay has now gone missing, and we need your help to find her. She was last seen in the swamp area of the hospital, but it is known to be overrun by spiders so keep an eye out and be careful of any spiders you see there.

Haunted Hill Hospital has now opened a DECAY CARE for the children of parents who work at the hospital. They are running amok and have captured Dr. Noggin and have him tied up in the Decay Care room.

There is also a new doctor at Haunted Hill Hospital, Dr. Bones has joined the staff but has been very nervous and can be found hiding in corners of the hospital. Please say Hello when you see him.

Other strange happenings are going on and some patients who were thought to be missing have been lurking the halls at Haunted Hill Hospital. Keep an eye out as you travel the Hall of Missing Persons.

Join us at Haunted Hill Hospital for the exciting conclusion as Amelia and her daughter Sophia are reunited and look forward to a bright new future together.

Scare you there!!

10009 Highway 1, Greenwich, NS B4P 2R2, Canada