The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia  

Noggins Corner Farm Haunted House
in support of
The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia

DARTNS is very excited to be partnering with Noggins Corner Farm in Greenwich for this spooky, fun, family event. Located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley, our Haunted House is sure to bring chills and screams to all those who dare to enter. A portion of the proceeds are donated to The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia as we continue to help you, your family and pets during times of disaster.

Noggins Corner Farm Haunted House 2018 - FARMAGEDDEN STORYLINE:

When Amelia and her family found an old farmstead with a huge barn for cheap, they could not believe their luck. Not a neighbor in site for miles. Although the barn was starting to decay and needed some work, it was just what they needed.

Soon after they had settled in, funny things started happening around the farm, especially after dusk, especially in the old barn, things that could not be explained. All the animals ran away, only the rats and vermin were left to reek havoc on his feed and grain.

Times were hard back in 1836 and left many farmers with no crops, no money, and no food to feed their families. Disease swept over the lands, killing thousands of people.

With no food, water or means to live, the entire family got sick, and died. They were not found until years later. The old barn was torn down and the family buried in the ground where the barn once stood.

Many years later, a new barn was built over the spot where the family is laid to rest.

One night, during a full moon, strange sounds were heard coming from the barn that no one had heard before. The family has returned from the dead and is not happy that someone is using the barn for a haunted house. They will figure a way to drive these people out by any means, even by scaring them to death.

The family has returned with a vengeance to create: FARMAGEDDEN

10009 Highway 1, Greenwich, NS B4P 2R2, Canada