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  The Disaster Animal Response Team of Nova Scotia  

Oiled Bird Care and Rehabilitation Workshop

The above link will take you to the Registration Form for the Oiled Bird Care and Rehabilitation Workshop that we will be holding on August 9th, 2010 at the Truro, N.S. Fire Hall.

I’ve tried to make the registration process as easy as possible given that we can’t process debit of credit cards at this time. I’ll walk you through the process and if you have any issues please contact me at response@dartns.org 

A) Fill out the attached Oiled Bird Care and Rehabilitation Workshop form and save it to your desktop. Make sure you mark what size of Tyvek overalls you'll need.

B) Click on the red highlighted area that says DARTNS Treasurer on the form. This will open your email program.

C) Attach the form to the email and send it to our Treasurer, Krista Dobson.

D) Once Krista gets your email she will send you an Invoice from DARTNS at her earliest convenience.

E) When you receive your invoice, send a Cheque or Money Order payable to DARTNS to our mail address listed on the registration form referencing the invoice number.





Emergency Animal Sheltering Workshop

The HSUS Emergency Animal Sheltering Workshop registration site has gone live as of today. Here are the links to the registration site:

Registration Link:



HSUS Emergency Animal Sheltering Workshop
Emergency Animal Sheltering (EAS) is intended to prepare volunteers to serve at emergency   shelters for pets and animals evacuated or displaced in the event of a disaster. Information   covered in this course is vital for dealing with any large-scale animal sheltering operation. The   training includes one and a half days of classroom instruction combined with tabletop   exercises to give students an opportunity to practice new skills using practical scenarios.

* Introduction to disaster and emergency management
* Community planning
* Types of emergency shelters for animals
* Meeting the animals’ needs
* Logistics
* Human resources
* Worker health and safety
* Administrative issues
* Legal issues
* Media/public relations
* Closing the shelter

Workshop rates are $105.00 US regular rate, $95.00 US early bird rate

Room rates at the NSAC Dormitory
are as follows:

Accommodation Rates:

per night private room $31.82 plus tax
per night shared room $41.92 plus tax

lunches per day $8.95 plus tax

For inquiries regarding accommodations and meals at the NSAC please contact the Conference   Office, 10 Horseshoe Crescent. 902-893-3103. or Gale Falkenham at:
Be   sure to indicate you are attending the HSUS EAS workshop on August 7th and 8th.

For more information contact Marcel Marcotte  at :


June 12, 2010     Reptile Handling 101

Thank You So Much To DARTNS Secretary Denise McKay and her

SSafe Haven Team for the Great Presentation of Reptile Handling!!

DARTNS Vehicle Repair Fund Drive

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